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Don't Start a Business Without This Tool Recommended By Google

How many times have you heard it? If they don’t see you, they don’t hear you. If they don’t hear you, they don’t know you. If they don’t know you, they don’t buy from you.

Trust is becoming some type of secret ingredient in business – everyday it becomes harder and harder to make people pay attention to us. Especially when trying to differentiate, how you can start to stand out from competition?

One of the essential steps is having online presence in the most visited browser: Google. Luckily, Google has developed a section dedicated to people who want to expand their online influence. And it is free. Its name is Google My Business.


Some people underestimate the power of having online visibility. The fact that most social media and business visibility tools are underpriced is well known by the biggest influencers. It is just a matter of time it gets too late to take advantage of this promotion form. 

Getting back to the topic… Why Is appearing on Google so important for businesses? You will agree when we say people live in the most distracted world in history. This makes people pay just a few seconds of attention to their environment. The short story is that people cannot spend time on every single opportunity they meet.


The same way our subconsconscious minds filter information, potential customers filter all companies that don’t look professional. Let me use a clear example.

Let’s just say your property is located in google maps Colorado Springs. Every time people type “google map Colorado Springs ” they will see a lot of different information about the city – this also includes their top points of interest.

More and more people rely on Google and people’s validation to save time, filter information and taking decisions. These systems are authorities for them. 

If you find a way to position yourself in such a way that makes all those keyword visitors see your content, your establishment can become very famous very quickly. At least tens of thousands of people search in google map Colorado Springs. Imagine the visibility companies can get.

However, things are not just as simple as showing up on “Colorado Springs google maps” on the Internet. The second part is looking professional. Remember, people judge appearances to spend less time making decisions because they live busy lives. Make sure you simplify them the decision as much as possible the next time they search for Colorado Springs google maps.

We can do this right now. If you type “google maps Colorado Springs” and click on the most viewed business locals, you’ll notice how their visibility is not just coincidence: they make smart use of headings, photos, they include all information you could need, they have several reviews…

But the first step is becoming visible. And that is exactly what Google My Business allows you to do once you set up all your company information.